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If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, expert counsel, creative direction, and serious work ethic, you’re in the right place. PR means different things to different people. Let’s figure out what it means to you, and let’s go do it better than you’ve ever done it before.

Welcome to SPEC: Strategic, Pragmatic, Effective Communications.


Our Story

"The only thing that is constant is change."


We came from corporate PR. We came from agencies. We came from media. Because of our experience, we knew there was a demand for a more efficient, more service-oriented approach to a marketing communications agency. So we created SPEC.

What makes us different?

First, we care. Our agency isn’t built on the backs of overworked account coordinators clamoring for their next step up the ladder. Our results are not held back by VPs who pitch business and disappear. We all live it. Daily. Because we all value it. Dearly.

Second, we understand. Our experience working in-house at big brands and on-roster at some of the biggest agencies provides us with a unique perspective that allows us to integrate into your culture and become an extension of your team. We thrive on flexibility and driving strategic visions. We believe in our culture, but we don’t force it on you. We integrate into your work flow and extend your capabilities, and we all benefit from our combined experience to help shape goals and map plans to achieve them.

Finally, we’re curious. Our experience informs our expertise, but our personality feeds our evolution. We love our start up culture, and we thrive in our changing industry.  We love origin stories and evolving narratives, because we are storytellers making the most of the every-changing communication landscape. Tell us your story. We'll help you tell everyone else.




Our industries.

SPEC team members have been serving the Outdoor Recreation and Travel industries for more than two decades.

Riding, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping and traveling across our country and around the world for work and pleasure provides us with unique insight, experience and relationships throughout these segments.

SPECialized industries include:

  • Powersports
  • Automotive (off-road, overlanding)
  • Cycling
  • Hook and Bullet
  • Camping
  • Endurance sports
  • Travel and Private Aviation


What we do best.

  • SPEC Create: From message development to production, creative storytelling is at the core of SPEC’s experience and expertise
  • SPEC Connect: Connecting clients with consumers, media, influencers, ambassadors and marketing partners is our SPECial sauce
  • SPEC Communicate: Earned, Owned, and Paid are evolving worlds in which we live and channels that we utilize to amplify clients’ messages
  • SPEC beCause Marketing: Because it’s important to help where we can, and it’s more relevant than ever to your consumers

Case Study

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA

SPEC supports various Yamaha product lines and marketing functions from press events to social media marketing and branding. We provide strategic and tactical support, from decades-long thought leadership campaigns to simple one-time projects.

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Case Study

Silver Air

SPEC serves as Silver Air's PR team providing strategic and tactical support from brand development and messaging to media relations and social media support.

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Case Study

Nebraska Star Beef and Lucky Beef Jerky

SPEC provides targeted digital marketing support to Nebraska Star Beef and Lucky Beef Jerky. In our first full year, we helped more than double online sales, and we're still supporting year-over-year growth through targeted content placement, social media marketing and email marketing campaigns.

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Case Study

Pelican Products

Outdoor recreation is our sweet spot, and that’s where we’ve worked with Pelican to drive awareness, education, and conversions for new products. From hunting and camping to overlanding and offroad, combining Pelican’s amazing brand and product reputation with some SPEC media relations hustle produced serious results and ROI.

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SPEC partners have more than four decades of combined communications experience. SPEC is supported by a national network of associates with expertise in media relations, social media, writing, design and development.

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